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New to TestComplete - any Guide to start working with Desktop Applications - Trading Application

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New to TestComplete - any Guide to start working with Desktop Applications - Trading Application

Hi Team,


Till now I worked with HP-UFT.

This is the new project I am going to start.

Please suggest me best blogs to start my work.


thanks in advance.


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TestComplete and UFT have some similarities, as I understand it, so you should be able to use much of the same techniques.  


As a good starting point, SmartBear has their online training academy.  If you go to and select the TestComplete product, go to the Classes Archives and you should be able to watch a previous web cast of their TestComplete 101 course.  This is a good orientation to the tool and good demo of getting started.  You can also review the 201 and 301 classes available for some more advanced techniques and ideas.

Also, built into their online documentation are tutorials to walk you through techniques and such in the tool.  Go to and just start going through the tutorials.


There are also additional video tutorials on a number of topics that you can find at  I'd watch them all, try and duplicate the exercizes.  Well worth the time.


And, of course, for specific questions, pop on over here.  Lots of us folks are more than happy to answer specific questions. 

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even i started new with testcomplete from last 2months and academy videos seems to be good for start and community and knowledge base has almost solution to your problem and rest depends on the intuition 😉
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