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Need input from experienced web testers


Need input from experienced web testers

I am very new to web testing and have few questions would like to ask so I could have some good ideas and directions from experienced people before starting the test. 


1. Is DOM a best options to choose since I am testing only with I.E11. 

2. Should I also select FLAT in General Options

3. Other suggestions you may have



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1) No.  The best way is to use "Tree" as the model under Tools -> Default/Current Project Properties -> Project -> Open Applications -> Web Testing.  This is recommended because it allows for a better recognition of objects and their hierarchal relationship.

2) No.  Again, hierarchal relationships are useful in many different situations.

3) Please post specific questions as they come up.  We'll be more than happy to answer.  However, if you're questioning object identification, please research and view ALL information about NameMapping and eschew using XPath unless absolutely necessary.

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I would advise turning off the use of extended find as well. IMO (MY OPINION) it obfuscates the object model and makes name mapping harder rather than easier, not to mention being slower.

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