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Need help with SynchPoints

New Contributor

Need help with SynchPoints

Hello all,

I'm having issues using synchpoints. Basically what I'm doing is having a job call two different tasks. Each task has the same synchpoint in it. When the two tasks hit the synchpoints on both sides, instead of continuing on, it will just stop there forever and not advance. The script line I'm using is just NetworkSuite.Synchronize("SynchPoint1"), nothing else. Been unable to find any way to get it to advance. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Joey,

Do you have the SynchPoint1 synchronization point declared on the master machine? If you have, remove it as your slave machines wait when the master machine reach this point as well.

If you do not have the point on the master machine, please let me know which version of TestComplete/TestExecute you have. If you have not the latest version which is TestComplete 8.0, could you please check whether the problem can be reproduced with this version? If it can, please send us your master and slave projects directly to us via the Contact Support form.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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Hello David,

Thanks for the reply. I did have the synchpoint declared on the master. However even after I removed it, it still didn't work. I'm using the trial version of testcomplete 7.0. I tried to upgrade to 8.0 but ran into problems with the key and it not letting me use it on all three PCs.

When I just call the synchpoint without declaring it anywhere, it will hit the point fine on both sides, but stays there and doesn't move on to next step.


Joey Leblanc
New Contributor

Just got it figured out. Thanks for the help.
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