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Need help understanding testcomplete vbscript code

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Need help understanding testcomplete vbscript code

I am looking through some existing code. What does this below piece code means? what exactly eval is doing here? i read that eval is used to evaluate any expression. 


Public Function Perform(moduleCode, input, output)
     Perform = eval(moduleCode & "(input, output)")
End Function

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What is listed in your code is not unique to TestComplete... all it is doing is simply evaluating a string that contains the parameters passed in from the function.  I'm guessing, from what I'm seeing, is "moduleCode" is some sort of function call and the "eval" is simply executing it.

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I can give you an example with the code you are having.


Assume you code in Unit1


'Run the testit function
Public Function testit Call Perform("Unit1.testmyCode", "hi", "hello") End Function Public Function testmyCode(param1,param2) Log.Message("This is param 1 - " & param1) Log.Message("This is param 2 - " & param2) End Function Public Function Perform(moduleCode, input, output) Perform = eval(moduleCode & "(input, output)") End Function

You will get output as below,


This is param 1 - hi 11:55:22 Normal 0.00
This is param 2 - hello 11:55:22 Normal 0.05

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