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Navigating to test URL when company has preset home page

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Navigating to test URL when company has preset home page

We run our tests against the Edge browser. My company has Edge preset to open to the company news page and we are unable to change the setting to open to a blank page as recommended in the Preparing Edge browser documentation. The company just launched a new news site and it's causing errors when we run our tests. The new site is slow to load and also briefly redirects to a 2nd URL. We have tried different things in our script such as opening a blank page before navigating to the test URL or waiting for the news page to load (not ideal because its slow and still causes an occasional error).


Another idea is to submit a ticket for all the machines we run the project on to request that we be able to modify the Edge setting. We are trying to avoid this because we're worried that any Windows updates on those machines will revert the settings.


Has anyone else dealt with this or have any ideas?

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Is your application only being used in-house or is it for outside customers?  If you have outside customers, I would push for being able to modify the Edge setting.  Your customers won't have the news page and you need to be able to test without it.


You might try that on one or two machines first and let them cycle through a Windows update just to see if it really causes a problem or not.

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This is a great idea, Marsha.


Hi @autotester36 ! Did you have a chance to give this approach a go? What's your result?

Sonya Mihaljova
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Hi Marsha,


Thank you for your reply. It's an in house application.


In addition to asking the question here, I had submitted a ticket with SmartBear and they were able to provide me with a script that allows you to pass the URL as a command line argument to the browser.  This is currently working for us in legacy Edge:


 Browsers.Item(browserName).RunOptions = "url" 



The following is expected to work with Chromium Edge:

Browsers.Item(browserName).RunOptions = "--homepage url"

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