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6 years ago

Navigation on TcxPageControl


I am using Testcomplete to test a Delphi 2007 application with DevExpress components.

The Component I have currently some trouble with is the TcxPageControl. The main Problem is the Navigation on it. Using Mouse Clicks is possible, however the Clicks are using Coordinates on the PageControl to target a TabSheet which doesn't work well since every KeywordTest would need an adjustment if the order, width or number of TabSheets is changed.

Fortunately there is a Property "ActivePage [Set]" which can be used to directly summon a TabSheet if it already exists for Testcomplete. This works fine on Testcomplete 12 however on the most recent Testcomplete 14 version the time necessary to change a TabSheet using the ActivePage property increases with the number of controls on the Form. This means every TabSheet change would need about 10-20 seconds during the test run with effectively prevents any reasonable runtime.

Is there a better way known to navigate on a TcxPageControl?

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