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Namemap versioning

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Namemap versioning

Is there any way to manage multiple versions of a namemap file? For example, I have a namemap file that works with the 2.01 version of our software but I want to create a copy of this namemap for the 2.02 version of our software so I can modify only the 2.02 version. I realize you can use Extended Find to overcome minor difference between versions of the software but I need to handle bigger differences. 


For example, we had an older screen that previously displayed customer information as just a bunch of static labels on the screen. The screen was reorganized to display the information in various sections using Tables, Groupbox, etc. so the method to identify the fields is very different and the namemap must change. BUT, and this is the key point, my aliases for the fields did NOT change. The customer last name is still Aliases.MyApp.CustomerInfoScreen.LastName but this Alias is now mapped to a much different object for the 2.02 version instead of a static labels used on 2.01 version. In other words, my tests will stay the same because they use the alias but the name map changed.


I need to run testing on our 2.01 version and then rerun the same tests on 2.02 to make sure all our key features our still working.


Assuming that your source code is under version control, why not just create a different branch?

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