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Name Mapping Templates ??

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Name Mapping Templates ??


I have recently figured out that I need to use name mapping templates to be able to easily identify objects using the set template to avoid problems occurring when the innerHTML changes for an object and have therefore been trying to follow the instructions from:

to create a name mapping template, but I cannot for the life of me find the option to add/create a template anywhere.

If I follow the procedure in the documentation and open up the Object Name Mapping Dialog, the "Templates" button does not appear in the dialog as displayed in the support article here:

If I am in the object browser and right-click somewhere in the Object list and select "Templates", I the Select Template Dialog, but there is no "Add..." button is this dialog either. Only the "Edit..." and "Remove" button are shown.

It looks just like it does here;

Except there is no "Add..." button.

Why am I missing the Name Mapping Templates? I have checked that this is not a missing extension.



Hi Joakim,

It seems that you open the 'Edit Name Mapping Item' (not 'Object Name Mapping') dialog that does not contain the 'Templates' button. Creating new templates is possible only when you map objects. The NameMapping Templates dialog does not contain the 'Add...' button due to the same reason.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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