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Microsoft.SharePoint.exe process crashed intermittently


Microsoft.SharePoint.exe process crashed intermittently

Hi. The Microsoft.SharePoint.exe process crashed intermittently while running several project suites on my tested application.

It happened intermittently on different time, different spots while running my project suites.

Previously it won't occurred then it does after I done some changes on my tested application. The crash events doesn't affect my running test cases also the tested application. 

I had referred this topic but the upgrading Windows doesn't help since my Windows 10 is the latest version. Then, for Using TestComplete Debug Services, it only apply on my tested application but not the  Microsoft.SharePoint.exe, isn't?

Is there any idea how the crash been triggered and caught by TestComplete?

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How is SharePoint called?


The SharePoint doesn't use/call while testing my tested application. So, I have no idea why it starts running and then crashed. Also, it should be not a background application, isn't?

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In TestComplete you are not referring to any thing relating to SharePoint? That's including opening/saving files in OneDrive, SharePoint folder etc? And, the application does not refer to SharePoint?


Are you using the latest version of TestComplete? Are you running the tests on your local machine?


It's possible that SharePoint is running in the background - depends how your system is setup.



Yes, my TestComplete and the tested application are not referring to anything related to the SharePoint, also the OneDrive is not started.


I'm using the TestComplete 14.93.312.7 and the tests are running on a local machine.

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You might want to consider upgrading your TC to the latest version. Just remember to make a backup of your project.

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