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Mapping objects on embedded software

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Mapping objects on embedded software

I am trying to map objects on tightVNC but as I am looking at something embedded the buttons themselves are not actual objects that I am able to map. Is there any better way to attempt to map the buttons? The only way I can think of is using key clicks which would not be the most optimal solution. Thanks for any help.

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TestComplete doesn't have any visibility of objects inside any remote control window, whether it is tightVNC or the MSTSC RDP windows.  So, if you are on MachineA running TestComplete and you are connected to MachineB via tightVNC, all you have visibility into is the tightVNC window and the objects and properties of that window.


If you want to actually recognize objects within that remote machine, you should install a license of TestComplete on that machine and then develop and run your tests on that machine.  Or, run the AUT that you're trying to work with locally, automate it on TestComplete, install a TestExecute license on the remote machine and then use TestComplete's Network Suite feature to execute those tests remotely.

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As Tristaanogre said it's not possible to identify the objects of AUT which are opened in remote machines.

But if you are interacting with some intermediate application in your working machine we can automate it.

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