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Mapping based on child objects

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Mapping based on child objects

Hi everybody,

I have some trouble when testing a program. The UI has been developed in WPF while in consists of diffrent windows that are all represented by the same class. All windows are childs to my prgrams main process. When trying to record and replay tests in testcomplete 7.5, testcomplete sometimes does not find sub elements of my windows since it gets confused and mixes up the windows since they appear under the same name in the process tree.

The changelog of testcomplete 7.5 states:

  • Map objects by child objects. You can now use the presence of certain child objects as the recognition attributes of parent objects.

I guess this would be the solution to fix my problem. But I don't know how to map an object by child objects. When selecting the properties that shall be used to recognize the objects inside tc, I have no ability to select any child objects.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks a lot!



Hi Uli,

You can find the needed information in the "Specifying Child Objects Required for Mapped Object Identification" help topic.

TestComplete Customer Care Engineer

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