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MappedNames dissapeared from the object browser properties pane

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MappedNames dissapeared from the object browser properties pane

Today all of a sudden. in the object browser, the MappedNames in the properties pane disappeared for all the objects in my flex application. The MappedName field is blank! TestComplete stopped running the tests with object not found errors. Thinking that somehow I may have deleted the object mapping by mistake, I went to the NameMapping editor and noticed that all my objects are there. I right click on the top most level of my objects, just below the object called iexplore, right click on try to view the object. but I get the message "The underlying object does not exist".

What would cause the object browser to loose the name mappings? How can I get them back? I noticed that if right click on iexplore object, the top most of object, I have the option to map child objects. if Ido this, will TC map according to the naming convention used when I originally recorded my scripts? What about names that I changed and mapping that I did manually instead of recording?

Hi David,

It seems that some identification properties of your application were changed and the Name Mapping scheme became incorrect. Please run a test to reproduce the problem, pack the entire project suite folder, and send us the archive using the Contact Support form.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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I am seeing the same issue still in TestComplete 11.2. Is this a valid issue? Or do I just need to fix my NameMapping?

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