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MSAA Plugin for Acrobat Pro / Reader?


MSAA Plugin for Acrobat Pro / Reader?


I am trying to write some automated scripts that involve filling in data into submittable PDF forms found on some websites.  However, the object mapping does not work when the browser window itself is closed and reopened and running the script again.  I'm curious if there is an MSAA plugin or something (like the flash one) which will help TestComplete identify the acrobat window better, or if anyone has had similar issues when trying to create an automated script using a PDF form.

If anyone is interested in test, simply try and write a script that will visit the following PDF form, fill in all the required fields, submit the data and then close the window (and do it all over again);  The form can be found here:

Hi Ryan,

We have installed Adobe Reader 9.3 and analyzed the document displayed in Internet Explorer 8. We could not find a way to expose the edit boxes located in the document, so the only way to input values to the edit boxes is using a script similar to the following one:


  Dim document


  Set document = <AVL_AVView full name>

  Call document.Click(2, 2)

  'The first type


  document.Keys("<my first name>")

  'The second type


  document.Keys("<my last name>")


Best regards,

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