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MHT report TestCase Message / Operation Types

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MHT report TestCase Message / Operation Types

What are all different types avaibale in TC?

Do they all always have images? 


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The choices are the ones listed at the top of the log.  Yes, they all have images.




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Thank you Marsha.


@TCU100 in addition to what Marsha shared - in MHT specifically, you will find only the types of messages at the top that can be actually found in your log.

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"you will find only the types of messages at the top that can be actually found in your log."

So, I will never know for sure what are all possible types?

I get it, the report shows all types bases on the message available in it but I want to know all possible types defines by Test Complete. I am sure there must be a list of all possible type. I don`t know where to look for it.

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The types shown at the top of the log in the screenshot that @Marsha_R showed you ARE all the possible types.


  • Error
  • Warning
  • Message
  • Event
  • Checkpoint

There are no other log entry types available in TestComplete.  Everything TestComplete logs, either automatically as part of the engines or by calling a Log method yourself, is one of those types.

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