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LogScope constants undefined for Log::SaveResultsAs()

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LogScope constants undefined for Log::SaveResultsAs()

Hi, I am using Log::SaveResultsAs() to save and compress results logs.


In the documentation, the LogScope parameter is defined as being one of the following constants:

However, these constants are not available in the intellisense

and when attempting to use the constants as such


Log.SaveResultsAs( fileName, lsMHT, false, lesCurrentTestItem );


I receive the following error (at which I am not surprised)

Should these constants be defined or there others which I should be using? I am currently working around this by using the hard coded integer value (not nice)


The version of Test Complete I am using is Test Complete 10



Phil Baird

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi Phil,


I've added this issue to our bug-tracking system. It will be fixed in one of future product updates.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Community Expert

Cool, thanks Tanya

Hi Tanya,


Do you know if a fix was ever made?  I am using TC14 and seem to be getting the same outcome (entire project log included in .mht file when 'lesCurrentTestItem' parameter), as follows:


FullFileName := ('C:\Work\Log\' + TestName + '_' +FileDateTime + '_TC_Log.mht');
Log.SaveResultsAs (FullFileName, lsMHT,False,lesCurrentTestItem);


Thanks for your help,



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