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Log error (instead of info) when aqFile.Copy fails


Log error (instead of info) when aqFile.Copy fails



I'm using aqFile.Copy method to copy some file.

Sometimes the copy action fails (file server/nas unavailable) and a Information Message is send


as stated in the Remarks here:  

  • If the method fails to copy the file, TestComplete will post an information message to the test log explaining the cause of the failure.


The problem I have with this, is that you won't notice it in TestComplete's log. A few test cases later, something fails, but the rootcaus is not clear immediately


Question, does anybody know if there's an alternative method that actually raises an error when copying of the file fails







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The method returns a boolean true or false as well.  Assign the result of the method to a variable and do an if/then logic on the value.  If true, do nothing.  If false, log an error or a warning to the test log indicating that the copy failed.  

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yeah...missed that part...sorry

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