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Log bad Ordered (Picture)

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Log bad Ordered (Picture)


I'm having some problems with the log of my tests.

- Pictures, warnings and errors are being pushed always in the first place of the log, not in the right position acording with the log calls sequence in the scripts.

Why the log appears disordered? All the rest of the team shares the same sources and they does not have this problem. Their test logs are in the right sequence.

Have anyone experienced this, or similar, problem? 


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Sounds like you have it sorted by Type instead of Time?

Try clicking on the "Time" column header to change the sort.

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I am faced with the same problem

But when I click on Time column heading, the events often appears in the wrong order, because many of them occur at the same second, and the log does not display milliseconds.

We have been using TC since version 8 and on many computer and virtual machines (running Test Execute) and this is the first time we face this problem.

We suspect the problem  may come from an IE or Windows update. We have machines running with IE8, throught IE11.

Or maybe the new TC 10.30 upgrade ???

I logged a ticket more than a week ago and SmartBear support team have not found the solution yet. It makes the debugging very very difficult.

Any help is welcomed. 

Quick note to thank you, something so simple was driving me crazy.

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