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Log.SaveResultsAs() does not appear to be saving results

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Log.SaveResultsAs() does not appear to be saving results

I'm relatively new to TestComplete and am trying to export a JUnit summary after my test suite completes. The test suite executes automatically on a remote node so I cannot save the results manually. I have tried adding the following script test to perform the task:


def StoreJUnit():
    sPath = "C:\\<some path>\\test_summary.xml"

    # Store JUnit test results in the project directory
    Log.SaveResultsAs(sPath, lsJUnit, False, lesFull)


I can create .txt files in my test so I know it is executing but have been unable to produce the desired JUnit summary.

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.SaveResultsAs() returns True on success and False otherwise.

What does it return in your case?


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Hi Alex,


.SaveResultAs() is returning false.


However, I was able to solve this on the Jenkins side using:


commandLineArguments: "/ExportSummary:${WORKSPACE}\\junit_results.xml"


So I'm all good. I suppose I'm still curious why .SaveResultAs() isn't working, but It's not crucial.


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