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KeywordTests and property checkpoint issues?

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KeywordTests and property checkpoint issues?

I am new to software testing and I do not have a software programming background. We have TestComplete version 12.10 and our web application runs on Firefox version 52.0.1 (64 bit)


I have two issues:


  1. I am able to record and run Keyword tests just fine however within the workspace, below Items, it just state “wndMozillaWindowClass” throughout the entire test. Shouldn’t the items be the specific Object I’m going after during the recoding?
  2. When I do a property checkpoint I cannot get the red selection frame to appear around the object, it just stays around the browser.

I believe these may be related to each other. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You should see the individual objects, something in your environment is not configured properly, it could be a number of things. 


Do you have a license for the web module and have it enabled?


Other than checking that, there a several required steps for web testing:


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I'm guessing it's either that you don't have the web module or you don't have the latest updates in TC 12.10 for the Firefox version 52.  @cunderw's links should give you all the necessary info for that.

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Thanks for the help. I upgraded to TestComplete 12.20 and installed the patch for FF 52 and everything seems to be working now.

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