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Keyword Tests not finding previously set Alias names


Keyword Tests not finding previously set Alias names



When I add another keyword test the previously saved alias name doesn't get picked up by TC. The saved alias name is 'btnAddlchgs' but TC find 'buttonAddNewQuote' which I deleted when 'btnAddlchgs' was added.


Is there a way to stop TC from re-adding the original mapped objects?


The attachment highlights the old deleted object that reappears after another keyword test is done.  The correct mapped alias is 'btnAddlChgs' which is at the top.





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If TestComplete is remapping objects, that means two things:


1) Under tools | Options | Engines | Name Mapping, "Map object names automatically" is set to true.  This is not necessarily a bad thing but, whenever you record, TestComplete will attempt to use whatever is already mapped... but if it can't identify it, a new object will be mapped... which means.


2) Your original mapping is not unique enough so that, between recordings, TestComplete cannot recognize what you have mapped before so needs to map a new object.  


Please review As a general best practice, after recording a test, it is always a good idea to go back and edit the NameMapping properties to more accurately map the object.


We'd be happy to help.... but to do so, we'll need to see the NameMapping for the objects in question, properties, hierarchy tree, etc.... and we'll need to see the Object Browser view of the objects in question including hierarchy and properties.

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