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JavaScriopt format script extension install

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JavaScriopt format script extension install

I do believe I am doing something wrong, potentially dumb even. 🙂


I had previously had this extension installed. I had to uninstall TC for a support case that was being worked on. I came to the referenced handy dandy thread. I took the zip and changed the file extension to tcx as I understood the instructions. I double clicked on the file. I chose the default desintation (see photo attached). 


I opened TC since it was closed when I did the above. I do not see the icon for this extension that I had before when the code editor is open. I checked the Install Script Extension window and do not see it in the list of available extensions. I went to Tools | Options | Engines |Script Extensions and added that folder location...


SOmeone please point me to what I am doing wrong? Thanks

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Thank you.

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