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JavaFx TableView wValue not recognized

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JavaFx TableView wValue not recognized

Maybe my project wasn't setup properly, my test couldn't seem to find the wRowcount, wValue, wItems these properties which I needed to iterate through a JavaFx tableview.


I went to set up Default Project Properties. Under Open Applications -> JavaFx, I chose the "*" option hoping it would make a project include all JavaFx classes. Also manually added some classes that seemed to be missing, such as javafx.scene.control.TableView.


My test still failed. Could someone tell me how to set up proper class supports for javafx test?



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This may be of some help:

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The table you're working with is likely a custom control. Use the object browser to find the JavaFullClassName property of your table. Then go to Tools > Current Project Properties. Go to Object Mapping and expand JavaFX > Table View and add the class name there. You might have to restart Test Complete for it to pick up the change.


More info here:


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