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JavaDoc Tool for Testcomplete

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JavaDoc Tool for Testcomplete

Do we have any facility to Tools such as JavaDoc that can be used in Testcomplete?
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Counted, Jorge!
Tanya Yatskovskaya
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@Tanya, I think some documentation with regards to how to integrate popular documentaiton tools with Test Complete would be sufficient. Seems that a few of us have figured it out ourselves with no issues so why not put up some online documentation such as 'how to' guides for other users? Took me a couple of days to figure out how to set up JSDoc3 but I could do it again in 10 minutes now I have the knowledge. A how to guide would have been invaluable. Given the limited number of Javascript documentaiton tools I would say that a couple of guides for YUI Doc and JSDoc setup would satisfy most Test Complete users.

Hello All


I was wondering if there is any news with regards to this request?


Thank you



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> I was wondering if there is any news with regards to this request?

No, not yet.

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