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JScript - Addition behavior in scripted tests

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JScript - Addition behavior in scripted tests



I have a rookie question about behavior of addition operation.


I would like to take a value A (example: 100) from a text field and then add value B (example: 10) to value A and write sum of these into this text field.

    However, when i execute the code below i receive this (based on the values above): 10010 instead of 110.


var x = obj.wText;

  obj.SetText(x + 10)


  // i used aqConvert.StrToInt(x); but this didn't work


When i perform the subtraction operation it writes the correct value (90).


How can i resolve this probably easy problem?

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Not sure how you're using the convert... but you need to do it like this:

var x = obj.wText;
  obj.SetText(aqConvert.StrToInt(x) + 10)

This will convert the string to an integer value before doing the addition.




var x = aqConvert.StrToInt(obj.wText);
  obj.SetText(x + 10)

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It happens because the 1st argument of the expression is string (the value taken from wText property), that's why JScript implicitly converts your 2nd argument (10) to string and then performs string concatenation.

In addition to Robert's solution, here is another one based on JScript only:



var x = obj.wText;
  obj.SetText(Number(x) + 10)


Thank you both for the help - it worked 🙂

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