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Issue with empty keyword tests after Source control pull


Issue with empty keyword tests after Source control pull

Version: 14.30.3743

Accepted and merged a PR into master branch. Then pulled down the new changes on a different machine and checkout the master branch the keyword test will be empty. Looking at the keyword test in the File Explorer it is definitely not empty. This has happened twice on 2 separate machines using node locked licensing.


I've tried restarting test complete and reloading the project. Checking out another branch and back to master and it remains empty. Try another pull and it says its up to date and I see other files that would have come over in the pull.


Anyone else experience this issue?

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Note that the problem is not with TestComplete but with the merging that is happening automatically within your source control tool.  Keyword Test KDT files are a form of XML but it's not exactly an easy match in the automatic merging.  A missing end tag, a misplaced start tag, etc., can cause a KDT to get "corrupted" so that it shows empty.


Good rule of thumb is two fold:


1) Do not have two different developers working on the same KDT file at the same time.  This is inviting merge conflicts and will result, ultimately, in a corrupted KDT

2) If you HAVE to have two people working on the same KDT, turn off auto-merging in your source control tool and do the merging manually.  This will take work.

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Thanks for the tip and I will compare the files.


 That said this was the first branch to go through for changes on this specific test. So, I am not sure where the corruption would have occurred. I agree if 2 people are pushing a change to the same test issues can occur. But this has happened when merging branches that have no other changes happening to that keyword test.

I setup TortoiseGIT and integrated into Testcomplete. This found many merge conflicts that I guess just using default GIT setup does not detect.

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