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Is there recommended TestExecute lify cycle time?

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Is there recommended TestExecute lify cycle time?

Is there recommended time for TestExecute life cycle?

If I use the TE process without closing and restarting, is there any problem occurs such as lose in speed or memory leak?

I have test cases consistently, so I won't kill the process(also the computer which process is running). 

How long can I keep the process on?

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Re: Is there recommended TestExecute lify cycle time?

I usually run TestExecute as a command line in a windows task scheduler, including the /exit command line switch.


I don't know if there is a "recommended" cycle... there's nothing documented.  But I also don't see any benefit to keeping the TestExecute service open in windows unless you specifically need it.

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Re: Is there recommended TestExecute lify cycle time?

You can keep the process ON for the indefinite time period (that might affect the system performance a bit), but I don't see any benefits of doing so. Why specifically you need to do this?

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