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Is it possible to use text without an object?


Is it possible to use text without an object?

Hi all,


I have the following problem: Im am automating a WPF- GUI. Here I have a PopUp where I can enter a text. The problem is, that this PopUp dissapears as soon as the focus is lost. So no way to see all objectmembers. During runtime I am able to open the PopUp and to find this object and to set the focus on it. But I am not able to insert a text. So my question is, if it is possible to make a Key- Event or something where I can type a text or use the keyboard without referencing to an object?

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a) Sys.Desktop.Keys() sends keys sequence to the active window;

b) Try to use Object Spy in the 'point-and-fix' mode (

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a) Perfect, "Sys.Desktop" works. Thank you for that.

b) Object spy does not help in this case. I can fix the object, but as soon as the focus is lost the PopUp is closed and I can see no further informations about this object (childobjects, Fields and so on).


But anyway it works now. 




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