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Is it possible to run Test Item with Parameters from command line (TestExecute)

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Is it possible to run Test Item with Parameters from command line (TestExecute)

My Test-Item has 3 parameters which I can set in the Test Item Overview menue in TestComplete, but can I alter them from the command line?


What I want to do in particular is, I start TestExecute from jenkins, which runs a specific Test-Item. In the jenkins job I have configured the 3 parameters as Text Parameter, but now I dont know how to actually get those parameters into the test.


I know that I can use additional parameters in jenkins for a TestRun which I can read within the Test - but that is not what I need here. I need to start the Test Item with the parameters.


likes something /projectitem:Test(system,timezone1,timezone2)

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Not specifically the way you are wanting, but you can write something to figure out what command line parameters Test Execute is launched with:


function CommandLineArgs()
  var i;
  var nArgs = BuiltIn.ParamCount();
  Log.Message("Total number of command-line arguments: " + nArgs);
  Log.Message("The fully-qualified name of the TestComplete executable: " + BuiltIn.ParamStr(0));

  for (i = 1; i <= nArgs ; i++)
    Log.Message("Arg " + i + ": " + BuiltIn.ParamStr(i));

I don't really like this method myself, so what we do is create a text file with a json string in it to configure environments.


In jenkins you can echo the string to your workspace root with a windows batch command:


echo { "param1" : "%<jenkinsParam1%>, "param2" : "%<jenkinsParam2%> "} > envConfig.json

Then use an on start test event handler to read that info in and parse it to and object. 


JSON.parse(aqFile.ReadWholeTextFile(filePath, aqFile.ctUTF8));


Set that to a project variable and then you can call properties off of the object like you would anything else.


Either way works, I find there are is a lot more room for configuration with the config file approach though and is much easier to maintain / extend. 


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There is another way to achieve what you want, except for parsing command line.

Could you please be more specific?

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