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Is anyone else experiencing slow TestComplete 12.50 performance?


Is anyone else experiencing slow TestComplete 12.50 performance?

I have TestComplete 12.50.4142.7 installed. After a recent Windows 10 update the performance of it has degraded quite dramatically.


For example, when I am using the Object Spy it is very slow to recognise objects, it can take up to 10-15 secs. Whenever I have TestComplete open my on-screen cursor/pointer has a continually spinner beside it (what Windows does when it is loading something or processing). This only happens when TestComplete is open. I also often have problems closing the application and have to frequently terminate the process via Windows Task Manager.


Has anyone else experienced such problems? I have not made any dramatic changes to the TestComplete project that I think would cause this, nor to the application under test.

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Reference the following


It's entirely likely that this is causing your slowness.  So, couple of configuration changes you can make:


1) As per that article, turn off, in Windows 10, applications running in the background.

2) Uninstall the indicated updates that may cause slowdown (

3) Turn off the option to test windows store applications (Options | Engines | General).

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