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Is Selenium integration useful for companies that plan only on using TestComplete Web?

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Is Selenium integration useful for companies that plan only on using TestComplete Web?

Forgive me if this is a silly question, but there is a webinar for Selenium integration with TestComplete and I was wondering, are there additional benefits to using Selenium with TestComplete if you do not already have Selenium test scripts? Soon we are starting to create automations for our web app.


It seems that the webinar is more for people transitioning from Selenium to TestComplete Web and wanting to reuse test scripts. We already use TestComplete for automated testing and plan on using TestComplete Web for all of our web testing. Is there any more benefit to adding Selenium in line with TestComplete for web testing, if you don't already use Selenium?

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In my experience, I think you are correct... it's more on the lines of "We already have an extensive web testing project written in Selenium but are transitioning to TestComplete.  How can we use what we already have without having to re-write it all for TestComplete?"  That seems, to me, to be the best methodology.  It could also be more on the lines if you don't have the Web module licensed since, I beleive, that Selenium integration is done via the Unit tests part of TestComplete which doesn't require the Web Module... 


So... honestly, I think you're not going to gain anything new from adding Selenium to your existing web project... but, that's just my opinion.

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I am second to Robert. TestComplete can do everything Selenium can do (except headless test execution) with a lot of things supported natively, thus not requiring usual Selenium workarounds (e.g. accessing browser windows like Save/Open file, actions over controls that are out of viewport, etc.). So the only benefit here is the (possible) reuse of the existing Selenium code.

On the other hand, we tried to add Selenium test to our TestComplete suite once and our experience was quite negative: we got a requirement to embed all Selenium infrastructure into TestComplete test suite (JARs, Maven, etc.) which significantly complicated test suite deployment and configuration and at the same time this did not help us significantly because of essential Selenium's inability to connect to the already running browser instance.

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