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Integration TestRail and TestComplete

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Integration TestRail and TestComplete

Hi, Is there anyone who has succesfully integrated the TestRail API into TestComplete?


I'm working with the VBScripts in TestComplete, but was not yet able to report my results back to TestRail using the TestRail API.


In fact, I'm not even getting close to getting the TestRail API working in my scripts.


Thanks in advance!


The class looks like this:


const PORT = 8011;


function TestRailClientClass() {
    this.server = "http://localhost:" + PORT + "/";

TestRailClientClass.prototype.sendResult = function(caseId, caseStatus, failureReason) {
   let message = (caseStatus == 1 ? "test passed" : "test didn't passed");
   let request = aqHttp.CreateGetRequest(`http://localhost:8011/${caseId}_${caseStatus}_${failureReason}`);

module.exports.TestRailClientClass = TestRailClientClass;


Instance of TestRailClientClass sends result of each test to the server (outer program built on Java) that sends result to TestRail. The server uses TestRail API. In other words: I didn't manage to implement TestRail API using Javascript in TestComplete but I had the same implementation on Java, so I added server class to Java-project, that receives http-requests from TestComplete and then passes results to TestRail.

The chain looks like this:

Test passes/faies -> TestRailClientClass sends result to server -> Server sends result to TestRail


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