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Instance To Instance

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Instance To Instance

We have Many testing instance (as does everybody else) and for this example I will run a test in one of our QA instances




With my lack of deep knowledge to migrate a test I simply do a search and replace from qat1 to qat5

What is a more elegant methodology testing across instances?


Hi @MarkSchofer -

Are you referring to instances meaning different urls?

For example:

And in what location are you trying to switch these? For example are you trying to have generic object references in your object repository? If so you can wildcard the portion of the URL that is changing.

If you are looking to alter this for different test runs navigation to the sites I would suggest using a variable to drive the URL you are navigating to. This way you can make the modification in one place at the variable.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Here's an archived thread that has some more details in it for you

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I am revisiting this as our user would like to use the wild card approach. I have Instance variables right now and they work fine.


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