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Infragistics UltraCheckEditor CheckedValueChanged Event

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Infragistics UltraCheckEditor CheckedValueChanged Event

I have an ultracheckeditor and I am throwing up a messagebox that determines what course of action that will be taken. This is all happening inside of a checkedvaluechanged event.

The problem is that the event can't finish so it hangs on me setting the checked state wtih my script. Is there any way to execute a code snippet that clicks the specified button on the messagebox or am I going to have to change the app to work around this problem?

Hopefully I explained this well enough.



Hi Matthew,

So, your control displays a message box while processing an event, and TC hangs because it waits till the event is executed.

Use the Runner.CallObjectMethodAsync method (see the "Calling Methods Asynchronously" help topic) to avoid this situation (TC will not wait till the event is executed).

Best regards,

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