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Incorrect object names


Incorrect object names

I have an application where I am expecting to see this:   Sys.Process("XXXX").XXXXMainForm.WinFormsObject("ribbon")

But instead, the object is this: Sys.Process("XXXX").Window("", "XXXX", 1).WinFormsObject("ribbon")

Sometimes, I can Test Complete to know the correct name of the object, although when this happens, I can't figure out what I did to make it work. Obviously, it's mangling the automated testing. I am using Test Complete 7.5.2. Has anyone else seen anything like this, and does anyone have any idea what to do about it?

Hello Robert,

The problem is caused by the fact that your application is not recognized as Open. Try increasing the "Open Applications | General | Method invoke timeout" project setting (set its value to more than 20000 ms) and see whether this solves the problem. To learn more about the options, see the "Project Properties - General Open Applications Options" help topic.

If this does not help, I can suggest that you try the following workaround script. This script waits until the main form object ('MainForm') gets a valid 'WinFormsObject' name and returns this object.


Function getMainForm()

  ' The default timeout is 60 seconds

  timeout = 60000

  Set proc = Sys.Process(<ProcessName>)

  Set mainForm = Utils.CreateStubObject

  oldTimeout = Options.OpenApps.InvokeTimeout

  endTime = GetTickCount + timeout


  Do While GetTickCount < endTime

    Set mainForm = proc.WaitWinFormsObject("MainForm", 0)

    If mainForm.Exists Then

      Exit Do

    End If

    Delay 200

    ' This line resets the object tree

    Options.OpenApps.InvokeTimeout = Options.OpenApps.InvokeTimeout + 1


  Options.OpenApps.InvokeTimeout = oldTimeout

  If mainForm.Exists = False Then

    Log.Warning "Unable to get the main form object."

  End If


  Set getMainForm = mainForm

End Function

Best regards,

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Thanks, that worked. I'm testing within a VM, so it's a bit slow. Perhaps the default setting for this should be increased? It wouldn't affect most people's usage, and would help it work better on slower systems.

Hello Robert,


I suppose that it takes much time to load the tested
application completely as some complex actions are performed in the
application's GUI threads when the application is started. You can set the
value of the "Method invoke timeout" option to 60000 ms instead of
using the script, but this will not make your test to get the main form object
faster and can lead to some performance problems with other tests.

Dmitry Nikolaev

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