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Importing external python module to test complete

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Importing external python module to test complete

Hi , 

I am working on a project with my firm and i am trying to connect to a data base via python scripts.
The problem is whenever i try this code : 

from os import sys
import pymssql


the first time it works fine but then on the second execution i get this error testcomplete.PNG

To make it work again i have to start test complete again and also again it works fine first time and on the second execution it does the same error

can you help please its urgent !!! 

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Not sure why this error comes .......

you can try followings.........

name path as C:\\Temp\\python3.6\\Lib\\site-packages or C:\Temp\python3.6\Lib\\site-packages


or place your library @ <TestComplete>\Bin\Extensions\Python\Python36\Lib 


are you setting the path only once ? or every time before importing?

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Does this help: ?

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