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Identify current form for script use

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Identify current form for script use


   I am trying to write a reusable script with a data loop in TestComplete 12, VB Script.

Is there a way for me to identify the current active form? I have searched extensively and found nothing.


My script interacts with a data grid and enters a file determined number of items and is quite simple but I would like to use this identification feature in other scripts as well. The grid is on the same location of every form but the form name changes example below: 

1.  Sys.Process("Signon").WinFormsObject("frmPSSales").WinFormsObject("RightFillPan").WinFormsObject("clientPanel").WinFormsObject("SpDataGrid1")

2. Sys.Process("Signon").WinFormsObject("frmPSOrders").WinFormsObject("RightFillPan").WinFormsObject("clientPanel").WinFormsObject("SpDataGrid1")


I would like to capture the current "Sys.Process("Signon").WinFormsObject("********")." of the current form so it does not have to passed in to the function.


An example of what im doing is below:


frm = ""
frm = "This would be the retrieved form fullname or mapped name"
Call Project.Variables.itemNum.Reset
While Not Project.Variables.itemNum.IsEOF
'Enters the text Project.Variables.itemNum("ItemNumber") in the 'txtBase' text editor.
Call frm.UcGetItemA1.panBase.txtBase.SetText(Project.Variables.itemNum.Value("ItemNumber"))
'Enters '[Enter]' in the 'txtBase' object.
Call frm.UcGetItemA1.panBase.txtBase.Keys("[Enter]")
'Enters '[Enter]' in the 'SPTextBox' object.
Call frm.SPTextBox.Keys("[Enter]")
Call Project.Variables.itemNum.Next
End Sub


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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This may be of some help

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Use find for the object which keeps changing
For example for your script try with the below line it should work or else just find correct the name property name correctly with Asterik on the changing field : 

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Thank you for helping everyone!


@ZXQA does this help? Please let us know how you solved the issue.

Sonya Mihaljova
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@ZXQA Could you take a look at this help topic and let me know if this helps?


Sonya Mihaljova
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Thank you Sonya! I will review it and see if it is what i am after as soon as I am back at work. Thank you again.

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