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I record a test and it doesn't run immediately after the recording

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I record a test and it doesn't run immediately after the recording


I experienced the same problem that many other users had with the .NET update and I applied the fix and it looked like it worked.

However, I still have problems with some of my scripts, which I had before and also with the new recorded ones.

It seems like some things just "changed the names" and are no longer recognized as valid objects.

The main problem though is that I record a test (simply click on one menu item and select another item from the "secondary menu"). TC shows the following code:

function Test1()



var frmMain;

frmMain = Aliases.Sys.DVH.frmMain;




I closed the Help/About window in the app and immeditely after run the same test using this script. It gives me a Type Mismatch error.

At this moment, there is no way I can use the simplest function of my software - click a menu item.

Is this a known issue? Any solution for this?

Thank you,


Hi Lydse,

I have an assumption that you work with your application using the MSAA extension. This is not a good approach to work with .NET applications, so could you please disable this feature and check whether the issue occurs after this? To disable it, double-click the project node in the Project Explorer panel, select the Properties page, open the Open Applications | MSAA option group, and disable the * item and any other items you added to this list manually before.

Let me know your results.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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Hi David,

thank you for your quick reply.

I was indeed using MSAA. When I disabled it, still it wouldn't run anything (already scripted or newly recorded). I suppose this happened because by that point all my Name Mapping was too messed up. Anyhow, I decided to create a new project and then copy the scripts into it and the functions are now running fine.

Thanks again,


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