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I'm getting 'The object does not exist.'

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I'm getting 'The object does not exist.'

When I run my test I'm getting 'The object does not exist. See Additional Information for details.'

I've tried to 'point and fix' using the 'object spy' but don't know if that's having any affect. It still

issues the same error and stops.

The test was running yesterday through completion. No other recordings have been taken

since in the project so I don't see how mapping could have changed.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would appreciate the input.

I can attach a screen shots if needed.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: I'm getting 'The object does not exist.'

Your name mapping file may not have changed, but more than likely some property in the object has.


What are you using for identification properties for your mapped object? Compare those to the values you see in the object browser to see what has changed. 


Screenshots of both would help determine the cause. 


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Re: I'm getting 'The object does not exist.'

"point and fix" doesn't fix mapping problems... it's a means of using Object Spy to inspect the application in situations where the targeting option doesn't work (drop down menus that disappear when you lose focus, for example). In your case, as @cunderw mentioned, it sounds like there are some components that, between yesterday and today, have changed in their properties, hierarchy in the application, or both that are causing object recognition problems.  This is a standard problem when relying solely on record/playback in almost any automation tool.  Once you record a test, you need to go back to what was recorded and mapped and make modifications in order to make sure the test will run beyond the initial record.

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