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I get an "Unavailable Name Mapping" message and yet my files are there.

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I get an "Unavailable Name Mapping" message and yet my files are there.


   I did a "Save Current As" on my Name Mapping Icon to send a co-worker a copy of my Name Mapping files over a transfer server. Now when I open Test Complete, I get an "Unavailable [Name Mapping]" message, yet my original local files are still where they were but Test Complete is looking for them on the transfer server. How can I restore the local path to Name Mapping?




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If you are using VCS just revert changes.

Otherwise you can open Name Mapping file from the server and do "Save Current As" again using old location.




-- Make a copy of NameMapping file;

-- Remove NameMapping from your TestComplete project;

-- Add Namemapping a-new;

-- Save project and close it;

-- Overwrite newly created NameMapping file with the saved copy;

-- Open project in TestComplete and check if everything is OK.

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I am getting the error Unavailable (Name mapping)

None of my scripts run in Tets complete nor in Test Execute.

Please help.

Last time that I ran the scripts was on Tuesday.Sept 17th , 2019 

I tried to recover but file is not found.I also tried going to the path where all teh files are stored but could not find the file at all.

Do I contact Smart bear?



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