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How to view same folder structure present in Project explorer


How to view same folder structure present in Project explorer



In the project in TestComplete, I have organized the "Script" and "Stores" into multiple layers of folders and files. I can see the correct hierarchy in the TestComplete PRoject Explorer, but I do not see the same hierarchy in my laptop's (Windows Dell) explorer.  All scripts are in the same location (Under the path like: C:\Users\test\Documents\TestComplete 14 Projects\automation\Automation_Project1\TestProject1\Script). Is there some setting to make this possible?


If I check in this code to a repository in GIT, will they see the same folder structure in their Local TestComplete when they import the same project?

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Folders structure that you created in TestComplete is stored in the project file and is not reflected on the file system.
And yes, folders structure will be the same for all who open the project from the repository.


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Hi Alex,


Thakns for the answer.

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