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How to update DBTable columns?

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How to update DBTable columns?

After each major section of my test cases, I run a DBTable Compare to check if the data was saved correctly by the application.


Sometimes, we have to remove/rename fields from the database and this causes a major headache, because, as far as I'm aware of, there is no option to automatically update DBTable fields, only their values.


I also thought about changing the data manually editing the DBTable file, outside of TestComplete, but the data is stored in a format that I can't read through text.


Is there a way to update DBTable fields OR maybe read the DBTable data through other applications where I can easily remove the field I need?


Hi @Nickolas 


Hope you are well. 


Have you tried updating the store in TC?


How often are these fields changing? or what is the reason for them to change? 


We could also access executing's this outside of TC, is there a shell script/script routine  that could be executed to achieve this? 


Not entirely sure if its possible but it would involve knowing how to change DBTable variables in a file and executing that as part of the script


Interested in other members feedback on this matter 

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As far I know for editing the fields you have to go to store and edit the tables and select the fields, files are generally store in encrypted form so you won't be able to edit in outside any software.

If fields are very often changing, you can maintain an input select or any query (may be in excel , text file or CSV) and use the scripting code to fetch input from this files and you can play with the output.
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