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How to select a file by using the python script file on Tested Applications run-mode parameters

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How to select a file by using the python script file on Tested Applications run-mode parameters


I write my generic windows application's path in the Tested Applications>run-mode parameters>Application section manually. However, I keep building newer versions of the same application, and I do not want to add a new item from Tested Applications and specify the path each time whenever I create a newer version. For that reason, I've written a python code, where it selects the latest .msi file in the specified folder and prints out the path. However, I don't know how to integrate this code into Test Complete file selection text box in Run-Mode Parameters. I want test Complete to select the file using my code instead of manually typing the path. I've tried adding a code template, but it doesn't work for Tested Applications>run-mode parameters>Application section. It only works for code scripts. Is there a way to implement my code into a text box for path selection?



Hi @mkad - 


Are you looking to type the value into the file explorer?




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I'm looking at the Application section here.


I think what you can do is use your python routine to set a project or project suite variable and build that variable into your application path.

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Thank you. I've created a project suite variable, and it worked.

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