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How to save Project suites, projects and project items.

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How to save Project suites, projects and project items.

Hi, I created my project suite and projects in my local drive c:\documentsand settings\ etc..... Now

1. I have added function routine to script under that project.

2. I saved the project suite by clicking save all button on the top menu.

3. I went to c:\documentsand settings\ where the project is and opened the script folder created , it doesn't show any updates what i have added to the script on test complete. But when i open the project suite again in Test complete I am able to see the added code in the script.

I am getting confused here on how is test complete saving the project items.

If anybody knows about it, please help me.


Save All applies all the changes you have made. It looks like you are checking a *.bak file that is created after you apply the changes made to a script unit. This file holds a copy of the "old" script code - that was before saving. If I am wrong, could you please record a video demonstrating this? To record a video, you can use Jing - a free screen capture tool.

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Yes, that true. Thanks for the clarification.
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