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How to remove unwanted "/" from a string


How to remove unwanted "/" from a string

I  am using FullName property of a label object and then splitting the string to get the Full Name of Dynamic parent. 

This FullName Property returning the string as :"Mobile.Device(\"iPad\").Process(\"iA360 StageTest\").Window(0).TableView(0).TableViewCell(0, 2). Label(\"Gallo PICO\", 0)".

I am unable to remove "\" from the string using replace method or split method of javascript.Aways getting syntax error because of "\'. Can some guide me how can I remove "\" from the above string and get below string

"Mobile.Device("iPad").Process("iA360 StageTest").Window(0).TableView(0).TableViewCell(0, 2). Label("Gallo PICO", 0)".


Thanks in advance.

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Remember that .replace("\") only removes first symbol occurence in string.


What You can do is use regexp like this on your's string:


string.replace(/\\/g, "\\");

/g - means that You want to replace all signs of the symbol.


check these topics:

 Thanks for the quick reponse. The main issue I am facing is that I need to replace single backslash "\" with "".  eg. "Mobile.Device(\"iPad\") should be Mobile.Device("iPad").

It seems Testcomplete is using this "\" just before " to make it litteral ". I need this single backslash to be removed. Below is my code:

var FName =Object.FullName   //  Results :"Mobile.Device(\"iPad\").Process(\"iA360 StageTest\").Window(0).TableView(0).TableViewCell(0, 3).Label(\"Gallo PICO\")"
var str = FName.split("\","")  ///This give error " Invalid or Unexpected token" 


 If I do ..var str = FName.split("\/g","")  // This does not do anything i get a blank string.

Alright, try this one:


var t = a.split('"').join("''");

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If you have the child object... why do you need the full string to find the parent?  There should be a property on the child object called "Parent" which will take you directly there.

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@tristaanogre I am finding the child object using Find All children method applied to a grand Parent object as the parent is dynamic . When I try to access the Parent property of this child objects it does not return the Parent instead it returns the grand Parent to me, maybe because I am finding the object using grandparent. 


@Wamboo I am confused as to how to use your suggestion. Can you please give me a bit more elaborative example. I need to remove \ .



To help you better I need to know what do You want to do after formatting this string?


What will be your next step?


If you .split('"') and .join(' ') You will get the same result because this sign /" is again because it means "escape of the special characters in the string.

My Next step is using eval on that string to get the objects and perform the action on that object.

So I need this string to be in correct form of an Alias Name e.g. "Mobile.Device("iPad").Process("iA360 StageTest").Window(0).TableView(0).TableViewCell(0, 3).

But, why You are working with an object like that?


You can't map it into NameMapping repository?

No, It can not be mapped in the repository as this table view cell object had a dynamic index and it depends upon the no. of record present in the parent table objects at any point in time. I need to get the count of the objects in the table, run a loop with that count and access this table view cell objects to check a particular child object and perform an action on that child objects

So I do not have any other option but to work with this dynamic table view cell objects to access its child objects.


can you please suggest me how can I remove "/" from the above mentioned string. so that I can have Full name in correct format.  (Please refer the details above for the required correct string)

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