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How to open MHT files not in Internet Explorer


How to open MHT files not in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer seems to be the only current way to open these files and has worked to do so for some time. Microsoft is ending support for IE and it isn't even in Windows 11.


In doing some testing in Windows 11 I can find no way to open these files.


Is anyone aware of another application or browser that currently supports opening these files?  

For Smartbear,  Are there future plans for support of a single file export option like the MHT files that is more broadly supported?


Response of use a different file export is not what I am looking for unless there is an equivalent format I am missing.




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Have you tried any of these? If so which ones actually work.  Every viewer I have tried does not actually work. Most haven't been updated in years.

I didn't use all apps listed here, but I know File Viewer Plus opens Log archive .mht

Thanks. That one does open the files which is better than most of the third party apps I have tried that claim to do the same thing.  It however doesn't really function well beyond opening, it either crashed or hung with seconds of me trying to browse my log every time I tried.


Anyone else tried something that works in all cases?


@smartBear  have any comments or ideas?  How do you plan to resolve this with Windows 11?



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I heard that the TestComplete product team is working on improving test reporting later this year. .mht seems to have a lot of limitations.

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Thanks to everyone for participating in this thread!


Hi @ChiefBrian ! Please note, that the SmartBear Community is a community of TestComplete users, so, the account you mentioned is just a name a community member decided to use and not an official SmartBear account.

If the replies by the community members didn't help, please consider opening a support ticket here.


As for your initial question, IE is the only way to open it, indeed.
Please also take a look at this article -
However, it won't allow you to export as a single file still. The best way to proceed is to archive the html log.

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this solution is not really good

publishing the result in the azure devops pipeline gives us results in mht files 


TestComplete generates mht files of results by default 


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