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How to get the execution Status if Passed or Failed

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How to get the execution Status if Passed or Failed

Hi Guys,


Another Newbie question here:


I have a set of  7 automated test and the last part will send the execution result using sendmail, this works perfectly if All the 6 Testcases passed.  


If any of the 1-6 testcases failed,  my SendMail function is not executed, we dont have any email notification, any idea how to do that?  


ex. if 1st test failed,  should still should still execute SendMail..


Any comments are highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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Most likely you have "Stop On Error" set to true in Tools | Current Project Properties | Playback.  As soon as an error gets logged, this will cause your test project to halt immediately, preventing any future tests to execute in that run.


My recommendation is to turn off any and all options that automatically stop the project on an error and build your code/tests in such a way that they will halt the individual test on an error but not halt the whole project.

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Hi @tristaanogre


Thanks for your suggestion.   It works.  

This is a good start for me to tweak some more when handling execution status 🙂



Hi Louiselaine,

In addition to what @tristaanogre said, I suggest you to add to the event "OnLogError" the following script :


function GeneralEvents_OnLogError(Sender; LogParams);


See the help for the True paramete of Runner.Stop

It will pass to the next test item...

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Hi @m_essaid


Thanks for your reply,  you suggestion is good! knowing that I am know to TestComplete.

Will take a look it this too.  




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