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How to get the coordinate of the text in the image ?

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How to get the coordinate of the text in the image ?



I like to get the Coordinate of an Text in the image for example 


In the image you can see the text like "lte-baseline.xdb" so i like to get the x,y coordinate of the image





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You can try one of the:

  1. OCR recognition
  2. Search an image inside another image

Both ways are tricky and time consuming during test playback, so you'll need to have some investigation and practice, I doubt somebody has simple example to be posted.

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From OCR i able to get the text in the image 

and from search image i can get the image is present or not but for me the text will get always get changes so i cant do both in this 

for example in the image lte-baseline.xdb can change as frequently so i cant relay on the find image in image ,

OCR is able to get the text of an image but i need coordinate so i can click on the text in the image.

OCR should work for you, please read Remarks section here

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