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How to get control properties inside a List View Row

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How to get control properties inside a List View Row

Hi ,

    I am using a WPF application and I am not able to get the properties of controls( like combo box, text box etc) placed inside a Row in List View. This List View is placed inside an Expander control. Finder tool could not focus the controls inside list view row, It can focus only up to the row. Please see the attachement

How can I get the properties of these controls placed inside this List View Row.

I am using the latest version of  TestComplete.

Hi Jomy,

Try adding the control's ClrFullClassName property value or the control's native name to the WPF Options section of your project's properties - most probably, this will allow you to recognize the controls you need. Please see the "Support for Composite WPF Controls" help topic ( ) for more information.

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Now its working fine. Thanks for the support.
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