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How to execute steps or script when test steps fails?

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How to execute steps or script when test steps fails?


I want to do some steps like "click [Enter]" to the web page / browser when the test item is failed.

Then keep run the rest test items 

Is this workable?


Thank you!

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Beyond the event handlers that @rraghvani suggests, you could also go the route of using try/catch/finally code.  This is available both in keyword tests and in script code (depending upon your script language).  This will allow you to execute code on exceptions as well as a "finally" block to execute at the end of every test case.

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Just a note to make sure you understand the difference between OnLogError event suggested by @rraghvani and try/catch/finally code mentioned by @tristaanogre :

-- OnLogError will handle 'logical' script problems, for example, the click on the object that has zero size;

-- try/catch/finally will handle runtime exceptions, like an attempt to use null object or divide by zero.


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