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How to eliminate coordinates

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How to eliminate coordinates

TestComplete does not recognize the items of a window in the application I'm testing. To overcome this I added the class name of the window in the text recognition filed under open applications. This works in recognizing the item, but upon recording a script I still do get coordinates along with the ID of the item. Below is the example ;


  var  XTPDockingPaneTabbedContainer = Aliases["matic"]["wndAfx"]["XTPDockingPaneTabbedContainer1"];

  MTopicPageBase = XTPDockingPaneTabbedContainer["pageOperations"]["MTopicPageBase"];

  XTPDockingPaneTabbedContainer["Click"](118, 31);

  MTopicPageBase["Click"](61, 43);

  MTopicPageBase["Create_new_part"]["Click"](67, 5);

  MTopicPageBase["New_part_name"]["Click"](61, 11);

  MTopicPageBase["Remove_original"]["Click"](49, 7);

  MTopicPageBase["b"]["Click"](5, 6);

  MTopicPageBase["b1"]["Click"](4, 4);

How do i remove the coordinates and still be able to run the script succesfully?

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Hi Divash,

You may just delete coordinates after the script was recorded. In this case TestComplete will perform clicks in the middle of the corresponding control.
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Hi Alex,

I have removed the coordinates as below, but when i run the test an error message appears. 

Is there any particular workaround for this ? Attached is also the object browser recognition and property page.

Hi Divash,

Try putting the parentheses after the calls:


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Thank you, this helps a lot as I was thinking of how to eliminate coordinates from my scripts.
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I'm running into a similar problem.  TC recorded

  all.Item(1038).Click(59, 8);

but when I run the script, I get an out of bounds error.  When I remove the coordinates and leave the parentheses empty, I get the same error for location (0,0).

Hello Davina,

You are likely to have another problem.

First of all, you are testing a web application, this makes a difference. Besides that, you are accessing a page element by ID (1038), while IDs are dynamic and can change from one test run to another. Most probably, the IDs have changed, and now your code refers to a zero-sized page element, and that is why, it can't click it.

To learn more on the matter, see the following FAQ entry:

Also, go through the "Access to Web Pages and Web Page Elements" help topic:

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